FAITH is what guides us

PASSION is what fuels us

FREEDOM is what inspires us

About Us

Serving our clients, candidates and employees in the highest regard
There are no problems, only solutions = our attitude
A Teams - we recognize that no one makes it alone and we'll go further together
Failure means growth, we embrace it
Focused, determined and results driven

Seek long lasting, meaningful relationships
Honesty and trust above all
Our promise is to make things right when they go wrong
Positive and passionate - we love what we do and we celebrate our client, candidate and employee wins

Staff Shop Leadership Team

Meet Jennifer Menard – Creator of Staff Shop Inc. (formerly known as Bagg @ Your Service)

Jennifer Menard CEO Staff Shop
CEO | Director, Client Happiness

Jennifer Menard has a stellar reputation in the Hospitality & Staffing industry for steering her teams to meet the highest standards for clients. She credits her track record in large part to her belief in the value of people and connection.  

Jennifer’s approach is unique - she ensures shared understanding of the client’s wants, needs, challenges, and her teams collaborate closely to implement the client’s vision.  Jennifer has created an exceptionally engaged, energetic work culture where everyone pulls together to deliver excellent results. Staff Shop cares about respectful and transparent relationships with clients, candidates and employees. 

In 2008, Jennifer joined The Bagg Group as a Staffing Manager and soon was recruiting and managing accounts for Bagg’s top clients within various industries.  She was promoted to Business Development Manager in 2010 where she made her mark in the business. 

In 2013, Jennifer launched Bagg @ Your Service and as its General Manager, grew the division quickly through her dedication to ensuring exemplary service.  

In 2017, Jennifer was also appointed General Manager of Bagg Technology Resources Inc., which is a leader in IT staffing solutions, operating with the same principles as B@YS. 

As the Director of Client Services for Bagg Inc. overall in 2018, she reached the plateau that inspired her to take a leap and fly independently with Staff Shop into 2019.

Jennifer, this profession is clearly the perfect match for you.  Did you always know you wanted to work in staffing?

I always had a passion for hospitality. However, my vocation for staffing found me – I didn’t find it.  I was pursuing dental studies, and worked in hospitality to pay for school.  One day, while working at the Air Canada Centre in Fan Recovery, my boss asked me to resolve an issue for Geoff Bagg and his guests.  Geoff who is the President of The Bagg Group and knows a thing or two about potential, was impressed by how I handled the situation, and suggested I’d be a great fit for his firm. At the time I thought nothing of it, graduated and went to work in a dental office. Three months into my new role, I knew I was in the wrong field.  Having worked for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment since 2006, I was driven by creating memorable fan experiences during national sports games, concerts and special events. A gut feeling kept urging me to re-connect with Geoff. I trusted that and took Geoff up on his offer one year later.

You receive top ratings for client and employee satisfaction, and your staff are known not just for their skills, but their great attitude.  What’s your secret sauce?

Our mission, vision and values. We live and breathe the notion that our purpose is bigger than all of us.  We bring our best selves to work every day and in turn, we affect other people’s lives for the better.  Who we are, and how we operate, helps people. We never forget that our part matters – we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on humanity. And that is our motivation and fuel, to keep doing our best every day.

You list respect and transparency when it comes to clients, candidates and employees.  What does this mean at Staff Shop?

We are honest with people – even if it hurts us at times. We don't discriminate. If anything, we accommodate as much as we can. We are different from most of our competitors in that our employees are on our payroll – versus being contractors.  This enables us to provide the highest, and the best culture, training and insurance coverage in our field.  The safety and well-being of our employees is immensely important and our clients can order staff worry-free.

How do you make a positive impact on humanity?

Be your best self first, then give back. I ask our employees to laugh, learn and help others daily, keeping our core values at the centre of everything we do;

  • FAITH is what guides us
  • PASSION is what fuels us
  • FREEDOM is what inspires us

At the end of the day, we recognize our achievements and our people daily.  As a company, there's nothing more rewarding than celebrating how we have moved the needle in someone's life.

Meet Alison Hernandez – COO l Director, Operations Excellence

Alison Hernandez COO Staff Shop
COO | Director, Operations Excellence

As the COO and Director of Operations Excellence for Staff Shop Inc., Alison Hernández brings her expertise in operations and people management in the hospitality and retail industry to streamline and elevate the client and candidate experience. Having spent the last 15 years in the hospitality and retail environments, she has a unique perspective when it comes to delivering operational excellence from a relentlessly customer-service based standpoint. Her keen eye for process optimization and strategic planning ensures that her teams provide consistently best-in-class efficiency, effectiveness and communication to their partners, clients and employees.

Since attending school on both sides of the Canada/US border and jumping into a career journey of varying coaching and managerial roles, Alison has achieved a strong business reputation, developing and implementing creative and practical strategies for improving processes for the betterment of business for all involved. She repeatedly delights her clients and associates alike with her ability to identify areas of opportunity in all aspects of business operations and activate changes that result in higher levels of satisfaction for all parties.

In all her endeavors, Alison values the importance of approaching problem solving through the lens of humanity, earning the trust of those around her by ensuring that every decision, no matter how small, accounts for the personal, professional and fiscal needs of her cohorts. Alison has been a trusted coach and mentor to others in hospitality and retail management, and looks forward to continuing to inspire others through her passion for the career development of others in her role at Staff Shop.

The Jen “Walt” & Alison “Roy” Disney Story

In 2013, Jennifer Menard had the exciting opportunity to combine her two loves and create Bagg's first Hospitality & Event Staffing division - a new service offering for this company and a chance for Jennifer to put her business and relationship building skills to work. It's no surprise that the division grew and the line became successful. So successful, that Jennifer could no longer captain the ship by herself. As one of her mentors put it - “You are the visionary, the creative mind - the Walt Disney of this operation. But even Walt needed his Roy.” Jennifer was juggling business development, client happiness as well as the operations and efficiency side of the business, all while overseeing several divisions and functions at once for Bagg overall. It became apparent that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to scale without finding her “Roy.”

In winter of 2017, through a chance casual introduction through a mutual acquaintance, Jennifer’s leader at the time, Geoff Bagg, met Alison, who was simply looking for his opinion and expertise regarding her next career move. He saw a “Walt & Roy” opportunity, and introduced Jennifer and Alison. Since then, Jennifer and Alison, or “Walt & Roy” discovered that they shared a vision and had very similar values when it comes to life, and business. Together, they begun to plan and strategize for the future. When Geoff approached Jennifer with the opportunity to purchase the hospitality line as her own in late 2018, she saw the opportunity for the Walt & Roy show to really shine, and Staff Shop was born. Together, Walt & Roy look forward to having a positive impact on many lives.

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